We have heard that “content is king”.

The quality content provides valuable and effective information to the readers and is important for successful marketing campaigns. Hub Spot conducted a survey and identified that around 70% of the marketers are investing their time in content writing.

Content writing is a process of planning, editing, and writing content for the web, particularly for digital marketing. This process includes writing of articles, blog posts, podcasts, scripts for videos, and content for some specific platforms.

Other content writing services include video scripts, keynote speeches, social media posts, white papers, and YouTube video descriptions.

Do you want to provide content writing services?

Here are 5 best some content writing tips for you as beginners!!

Tip no. 1: Start researching a particular topic related to your niche.

To get new ideas for your content, you need to start doing research. Keep your pen and paper with you and write down the points that you are getting during the research process.

After getting an idea about the topic selection, you need to start research on keywords. A good SEO content writing tip for you is to identify SEO friendly keywords so that it gives you a chance to rank your content on the first page of Google.

For keywords search, Google Keyword planner and Uber Suggest are very useful.


Tip no. 2: Write in a unique way

As a content writing service provider, you need to know your readers.

Before writing content, you have to keep yourself in place of readers. You have to be unique in your writing style and only then you can grab the attention of your readers.

The key is to grab the attention of readers so that they can spend more time on your website.

If the content is unique, it will generate more traffic and will help you to rank content on Google. It does not matter what you write, but what matters is how you write. This is the another SEO content writing tip for you.

Tip no. 3: Go creative – Use visuals and statistics

As a content writer, you have to be creative from start to end.

You have to give your audience some new information that they do not know.

As a beginner level content writer, you can make creative content by adding some statistics and visuals. It is essential to support your points with statistics so that it gives more weightage to your arguments. If the content sticks in the minds of people, it means you have accomplished your job.

If the visuals and stats are used in the content, there is a strong probability that readers will remember the content. The graphs and stats show that content is informational, otherwise, it will look weak.

Tip no. 4: After finish writing – Proofread

Nobody is a robot, everyone makes mistakes!

Once you finish writing, it is recommended to review the content again and again so that you can identify mistakes and resolve them on time. If your content will not be grammatically sound, it will not leave a good impression on readers.

Your content says all about you!

Through proofreading, you can make content free from grammar, spelling mistakes, formatting errors, and typo-errors. Proofreading will take hardly ten minutes, but it is worthy.

Tip no. 5: Use social media signals

People will read your content once they know you have written something.

You can only provide successful content writing services if you regularly share your content on social media. Through Face book, LinkedIn, and Instagram, you can increase traffic on your content. Start posting your content on different social media platforms to get more audience and social signals.

Posting of links about your content on social media is not enough. To increase the reach of your content, it is necessary to start socializing. The more people talk on your post, the more engagement it will create, and more reach it will get.

There is always room for improvement!

These are the 5 best content writing tips for beginners and there is no better way to improve content writing than paying attention to the feedback of readers. Most of the readers give their point of view in the below comment section of the blog or article. As a content writer, you need to take those feedbacks positively to improve your writing.

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