The article rewriting tool is available on the internet, which seem authentic, genuine, and user-friendly. However, not every AI-based software is reliable and always correct. As a writer, one should always depend upon his creativity, ideas, and writing style to complete his articles and blogs. Article rewriting is an art done by elite writers and content creators who know how to present their ideas in unique and different words.

Article Rewriting Tool

Listed below are five cons of using the article rewriting tool.

  1. Limits Creativity and Ideas
    The AI-based article rewriting tools are limited to specific knowledge and ideas. Moreover, a content writer cannot just only rely upon an article rewriting tool. Organizations and digital marketing agencies invest in their writers because they bring ideas, creativity, and authentic knowledge to their blog posts and other content. Article rewriting sounds challenging; however, you can manipulate the content with your vocabulary and different words if you are a well-versed writer.
  2. Poor Readability
    If you are a writer or a digital marketing expert, you need to understand the importance of the readability of the published content. Article rewriting tool doesn’t offer proper sentence structuring or grammar, which affects the reader’s readability. It is imperative to use appropriate words, grammar, and vocab to present your ideas and make your content more readable.
  3. Doesn’t Comply With SEO Standards
    Multiple organizations and startups want their blogs to be SEO optimized and informative. Article rewriting tool doesn’t help in this purpose, as many search engines have specified algorithms regarding unique and non-plagiarized content. When powerful search engines such as Google and Bing detect published content being spun using article rewriting tools online, they penalize it. Moreover, there is a fair chance that your website might be penalized or restricted due to that specific content.
  4. Doesn’t Generate Engaging Content
    Content written through article rewriting tool doesn’t offer engaging sentences and ideas which attract the user and keep him engaged. Only an elite content writer can write engaging and unique content. Most websites and commercials neglect the importance of publishing interesting and creative content.
  5. Original Meaning of the Idea Is Compromised
    While using the article rewriting tool, one should always ensure that the article’s actual meaning and the idea aren’t being compromised. A seasoned writer would always aspire that his content is informative, creative, and engaging. There is a fair chance that the article rewriting tool creates a bit of fluff in your content.

Article rewriting is a sublime art, which shouldn’t be compromised or affected by the article rewriting tool. Moreover, it’s the responsibility of digital marketing experts and content writers to write and publish self-written blogs and articles. Every website wants to rank its landing pages and divert more organic traffic towards its website. However, they need to understand the importance of self-written and hundred percent genuine content. A genuine content writer can only produce creative and audience-oriented content which has decent readability and sentence structuring.

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