How can I become Research Report Writer?

In this highly digitalized and fast-growing world, every piece of content needs to be well researched and vetted before being published. With the growing demand for research-based publications and scholarly articles, research report writers understand the need for various journals and their overall patterns before writing any report. As a research report writer, one should […]

5 Best Tips for Becoming a Research Proposal Writer

Research Proposal Writer

Every research proposal writer is focused on writing to the point and according to the requirements of a project or the reader. Research proposals are written by aspiring individuals, students, or professional writers who aspire to conduct fully or partially funded research on various projects or studies. Many postgraduate and PhD students are required to […]

5 Cons of Using Article Rewriting Tool

Article Rewriting Tool

The article rewriting tool is available on the internet, which seem authentic, genuine, and user-friendly. However, not every AI-based software is reliable and always correct. As a writer, one should always depend upon his creativity, ideas, and writing style to complete his articles and blogs. Article rewriting is an art done by elite writers and […]

5 Best Ways to Get Content Writer Jobs

Content writing is an artistic profession that requires decent command of language skills and a bit of creativity. There are thousands of content writer jobs available on various online forums, but not everyone is getting a job as a paid content writer. Moreover, content writing requires determination and consistency, which makes your work more presentable […]

Can I hire a writer for research paper?

Writer for Research Paper

Normally, students hire a writer for research paper and the writer provides academic writing services to the students just like Research Writing Assistance. If you hire a writer for research paper, it will reduce the academic burden on you. Although considering this fact, college and university students are still skeptical about hiring someone who helps […]

Best online courses free with certificate in content writing

online courses free with certificate

It’s witnessed that after COVID-19 many businesses are now shifted to online platforms and due to this the fields of content writing, digital marketing and social media marketing are getting boom. As the businesses are growing on different online platforms, the need for content writers is increasing for writing blogs, articles, affiliate marketing and social […]

What is a quantitative analysis? A brief overview

What is a quantitative analysis

If you’re a student of MPhil or Ph.D. or a research scholar, you might’ve heard the term “quantitative analysis” almost every single day. The question is what is a quantitative analysis? The term quantitative analysis focuses on objective measurements like the numerical, statistical, and mathematical analysis of the collected data. In a quantitative study, you […]

What are plagiarism consequences? A mystery or manifestation

What are plagiarism consequences

If you are an article writer or a researcher you have to use your own words in your writings. If you use the words of other people and you don’t cite them, then it means you’re committing plagiarism. This article focuses on what are plagiarism consequences? The consequences of plagiarism differ from institution to institution, […]

How to make good Research Questions Qualitative?

research questions qualitative

If you’re planning to perform a study through the qualitative research method, then it becomes very important for you to make good research questions qualitative. The qualitative method states that there’re different realities and you’ve to research constructs. Normally, in qualitative research, you study the phenomenon in a natural setting and emphasize the view of […]

How to write a research paper? A guide for new researchers

how to write a research paper

As a new researcher are you worried about how to write a research paper? It’s a very common problem among new researchers because they don’t know from where to start and how to go about it step by step. Writing a research paper might be challenging for you, but with practice, it can become an […]