Every year thousands of students and teachers look to give a portion back to the society from which they learned so much and built impressive careers. With the growing demand for society-based research, many researchers have invested themselves fully in doing something for society, integrating their academic and interpersonal skills. In pursuit of giving back to society and spreading awareness about relevant information, teachers and students team up to find the top trending research paper topics around the globe. Irrespective of your region, you can come up with zillions of research paper topics that can address the issues around you, giving people information about various interesting dynamics. Continue reading to find out about the best 5 research paper topics in 2022.

Best 5 Research Paper Topics in 2022

Aftermath of Covid-19 Outbreak

During the ongoing pandemic, many researchers streamlined their research approach to Covid-19 and its effects, affecting millions of households, businesses, and much more. Irrespective of your field, you can conduct in-depth research on the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreak. Be it economics, social, cultural, medical, engineering, or any field; you can always integrate the aftermath of Covid-19 in your research. It was evident that Covid-19 affected every single being, irrespective of the nature of the problem. Moreover, your research can be based on multiple remedies, which you can propose after your findings as the conclusion.

Integration of IoT

With every industry shifting its approach partially or completely toward the Internet of Things (IoT) and automation processes, you as a researcher can develop your research based on how IOT is beneficial and what are is salient drawbacks. Selecting this from your shortlisted research paper topics will be a smart move, as the digital revolution has revamped every industry around you. Suppose you are conducting research on the digitalization of various processes. In that case, you can always highlight the developments made in medical sciences, engineering, and other non-typical sectors which weren’t equipped with robust digital accessories back in the past.

Various Religions and their Beliefs

Around the globe, many activists and social media freaks are always searching for random topics that are intense, interesting, and debatable. If you as a researcher love interacting with religious gurus, you should carry out research on different religions across the globe or even your geographical boundary. Trust me or not, this topic will always be among the top pick of research journals that are focused on ancient history, humanity, and social sciences. To make your research or research paper topics more interesting, you can add a touch of social integration and how people have accepted changes in religions and their detail-oriented cultures.

However, if you are researching religion, your reference and sources need to be one hundred percent authentic and credible, as you will be tunning a topic that is likely to be scrutinized by thousands of critics and decorated researchers in your field.

Human Behavior to Accepting Changes

Every day humans need to change their way of acting, thinking, and working. With the integration and development of technologies, humans are continuously updating themselves, be it any field or parameter. However, to conduct this research, you will need to get data and content from social scientists and psychologists who deal with human behavior and its changes. You may integrate a touch of digital data and superficial technologies, which seemed unrealistic way back but now are being integrated with our daily lives. Depending on your creativity and research skills, you can come up with the best research paper topics which have never been published or discussed before.

Role of Women in Society

If we talk about the early 2000s, we were living in a male-dominated society where men were personified as the absolute stakeholder or the order maker. However, with time society has valued the role of women in a man’s life. If you love researching social sciences and how society has evolved as a unit collectively, you can pick this topic. You can modify the topic depending on your main idea or framework. Moreover, you can collect data for this type of research from the modal class, which has a dominant female volume, to sustain your survey data.

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