Can I hire a writer for research paper?

Writer for Research Paper

Normally, students hire a writer for research paper and the writer provides academic writing services to the students just like Research Writing Assistance. If you hire a writer for research paper, it will reduce the academic burden on you. Although considering this fact, college and university students are still skeptical about hiring someone who helps […]

What is a quantitative analysis? A brief overview

What is a quantitative analysis

If you’re a student of MPhil or Ph.D. or a research scholar, you might’ve heard the term “quantitative analysis” almost every single day. The question is what is a quantitative analysis? The term quantitative analysis focuses on objective measurements like the numerical, statistical, and mathematical analysis of the collected data. In a quantitative study, you […]

What are plagiarism consequences? A mystery or manifestation

What are plagiarism consequences

If you are an article writer or a researcher you have to use your own words in your writings. If you use the words of other people and you don’t cite them, then it means you’re committing plagiarism. This article focuses on what are plagiarism consequences? The consequences of plagiarism differ from institution to institution, […]

How to make good Research Questions Qualitative?

research questions qualitative

If you’re planning to perform a study through the qualitative research method, then it becomes very important for you to make good research questions qualitative. The qualitative method states that there’re different realities and you’ve to research constructs. Normally, in qualitative research, you study the phenomenon in a natural setting and emphasize the view of […]

How to write a research paper? A guide for new researchers

how to write a research paper

As a new researcher are you worried about how to write a research paper? It’s a very common problem among new researchers because they don’t know from where to start and how to go about it step by step. Writing a research paper might be challenging for you, but with practice, it can become an […]

How to write a proposal for research – Step By Step Guide

How to write a proposal for research

The requirement of writing a research proposal becomes mandatory when you apply for a scholarship or when you apply for a Masters and Doctorate program in a foreign university. As a student, you must know the steps of how to write a proposal for research. As a student, you must know the format of writing […]

Top 5 steps of outline for literature review – A step by step guide

Have you ever written a thesis during your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree? If so, you must’ve been familiar with the literature review as it is the main part of a thesis. Let’s look into how you can make an effective outline for literature review in five key steps: Step 1: Narrow down your topic Before […]

Best Thesis Writing Format for Students

If you’re enrolled in a Master’s or Doctorate program, you must’ve worked on your thesis. Nowadays, it’s a requirement of every university and you get a degree if you’ve finished all the proceedings of the thesis. Thesis writing is the longest piece of academic writing and to do it effectively you’ve to follow a proper […]

Six Different Types of Qualitative Research

different types of qualitative research

What is qualitative research? In research, we normally hear the word “qualitative research” and this term is very common in social sciences. At first, it is important to understand what qualitative research is. Qualitative research is a process of obtaining data by understanding the “how” and “why” of human behavior in different situations. It is […]

3 Qualities of a Good Researcher

Do you want to be a successful and good researcher? Do you want to create a difference in the lives of other people through your publications and articles? If you do, then you must adopt some qualities to be a good researcher. It is the time to identify what are the 3 qualities of a […]