As a researcher, you will fully know the importance of verified and accredited works published in international journals and online publications. If you are researching a topic or an entire field of study, you must be given recognition on all levels. If you have a research background or have been studying various international research and publication papers, you will be aware of the MLA referencing style. Continue reading to get a better understanding of using MLA for works cited in international and online journals.

How to Use MLA for Works Cited? A Common Referencing Method

What is MLA Referencing Style?

The Modern Language Association, or MLA, was introduced and developed with a firm motive to credit sources used in extensive research papers. When taking references from any of the sources or content available online, researchers and writers cite those references under the heading of references or between paragraphs. These references not only assist the reader or the fellow researcher in better understanding the content but also give due credit to the person or author who had initially researched a specific topic or area of study. With time and in-depth research, the chain of referencing and citations goes on.

There’s no doubt that MLA for works cited is commonly practiced in hundreds of Universities around the globe, and it depends on the course instructor and the supervisor which journal or literature the research is targeted. Depending on the context and few requirements of the publishing authority, MLA or APA style is used. Here are a few examples to help you better understand how to write MLA-style references.

For example, you have studied a piece of content containing facts and figures about a situation. In order to use that content or research in your writing, you will need to give due reference. The reference will be in an MLA format, as shown below.

First comes the name of the author or authors. Next, the research’s name or title is written completely without any misplaced words. Then, you have to write the edition number and the year it was published. However, don’t miss out on the name of the publisher, which will come before the year and after the edition number of your reference source or paper. To understand better how MLA for works is used, here’s an example:

Burns, Lynette, Adam, and Benjamin. Understanding Ethics of Life, 2nd Edition, Cornell, 2022.

In the example above, Burns, Lynette, Adam, and Benjamin are the ors of the research paper whic The research is in its 2nd edition and will be published by Cornell in the year 2022.

After you have understood the above example, there shouldn’t be any problem regarding MLA for works cited in your day-to-day research writing. However, if you still have unanswered questions about the referencing style, you can go through multiple YouTube videos and Tutorials regarding MLA writing style. Moreover, if you are submitting research on an international level, it’s best to get it checked by a professional researcher in the field of education.


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