how to write a proposal for research

The requirement of writing a research proposal becomes mandatory when you apply for a scholarship or when you apply for a Masters and Doctorate program in a foreign university. As a student, you must know the steps of how to write a proposal for research.

As a student, you must know the format of writing a proposal for research so that you can write a good proposal and have more chances to get in.

A research proposal is a coherent and concise summary of your research. It helps you to identify the key questions and issues that you try to address. It helps you to show the originality of the proposed research.

How to write a proposal for research?

A good research proposal must include the following points:

  1. Title

The title of your research proposal must give a clear indication of your proposed research question.

Normally, the title is tentative and you can revise your title during the research process considering the direction of your supervisor.

  1. Background and rationale

In the research proposal of a research paper, you must first explain the background of the research and you must include a brief overview of the study by summarizing the existing state of knowledge and existing debates on the topic. That’ll help you to show a familiarity with the related field and provide an ability to the researcher to communicate concisely and clearly.

  1. Research Question

Another point of a good research proposal is that you must formulate research questions clearly and give an explanation as to what issues and problems are to be explored and why they are explored.

Your research proposal must set out the key questions and aims that will help you to guide your research. Before you know how to write a proposal for research, you must give some time to reflect on the questions that you want to answer. The process of reflecting on key research questions is a way to ensure that your project is adequately feasible and narrow.

  1. Literature Review

It’s essential to demonstrate that you’re familiar with the essential topic of research. If your literature review is strong, it convinces the readers that your research has a strong basis considering current theory or knowledge.

This section aims to show how your research will contribute to the existing body of literature. You can write a review of literature through compare and contrast assessing main theories, debates, methods and controversies. You can be critical at times by assessing the weaknesses and strengths of various approaches. You can also show how your research will fit in by building on, challenging and synthesizing the work of others.

  1. Research Methodology

In the research proposal, you must provide an outline of the theoretical basis drawn on the research approach. You must also use appropriate research methods for the proposed research considering the advantages and limitations of specific methods and approaches.

  1. Research timeline and budget

While writing a proposal for research, you must provide a complete timeline of the research explaining precisely what you’ll do in each stage and how much time it’ll take. You can use a Gantt chart to demonstrate each research activity and the duration it’ll take to complete that activity.

If you’re applying for funding, you’ll have to include budget requirements that demonstrate how much each part of the research will cost. You must check the kind of costs the funding body will cover and you must only include those costs in your budget. In the budget, you can include travel cost, materials, assistance and time.

  1. Bibliography

At the end of the research proposal, you must include a list of references to the latest sources from which you’ve extracted the articles and texts for your research proposal.

By understanding all these steps, you will be able to answer your question that how to write a proposal for research.

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