As a new researcher are you worried about how to write a research paper? It’s a very common problem among new researchers because they don’t know from where to start and how to go about it step by step.

Writing a research paper might be challenging for you, but with practice, it can become an essential part of your professional and academic career. This article provides you with a guide about how to write a research paper as a beginner. Here are few steps for writing a research paper.

1. Identify the research problem

Before writing a research paper, you’ve to identify a research problem by reviewing reports, identifying the gaps in previous researches and talking to people who’ve practical experience in that field.

You must:

2. Choose a research topic

After identification of the problem, the second step is to select a topic of research and there’re many ways of finding it out. The first way to brainstorm the idea and the second way is to find out a broad topic and then through keyword research try to make the research idea more relevant and interesting.

You can also get inspiration from the future research areas of previous studies and try to include those ideas or go for further examination based on those ideas.

If you get a broad topic idea, you must narrow it down to the topic that interests you so that you enjoy the whole process of research.

3. Conduct comprehensive research

After the topic selection, now you can research the topic. You can use a variety of sources like books, journals and reliable websites so that you don’t miss anything important. It’s important for you not only to find those studies that support your argument, but you can also find those sources that oppose your point of view.

You can ask these questions from yourself:

By asking the above questions yourself, you can be easily able to answer your question about how to write a research paper.

4. Make a thesis statement

After conducting comprehensive research, you can start making a thesis statement. A thesis statement is a type of statement that gives a central argument to the readers and it also establishes the position and purpose of the paper. If you have started your research with a research question, then your thesis statement must answer it.

You must write your thesis statement is a concise, coherent and contentious manner. It must briefly summarize your argument in a sentence, make a claim that needs further analysis or evidence and make a clear point that associates with every portion of the paper.

5. Create an outline

Another key step for writing a research paper is to outline the paper. An outline of the paper includes a list of main topics, evidence and arguments and you can divide every section into headings so that you can know how your paper will look before you begin to write.

A structured outline helps you to identify how to write a research paper more efficiently and also helps you to dedicate some time to create one.

6. Start writing

It’s finally the right time for you to start writing a paper. At times, you might feel that you should’ve started writing earlier, but those elements were also important for you so that a good, strong, clear and interesting research paper can be written.

While writing doesn’t worry about perfect words and don’t try to be a perfectionist. You can make your research paper perfect once you start editing. In this phase, you just only need to write.

As a good researcher, you can start writing your ideas to avoid plagiarism. When you write exactly the other person’s ideas, then it counts as plagiarism and there is no use of that research. While writing, you need to write every point in your own words and give proper citation of every source from where you’ve taken the point.

If you write any point directly, so you need to write that point within quotation marks and mention the source at the end of the point. This is how you write a research paper.

7. Edit and proofread

At last, you can now revise and proofread your piece of writing and ensure that your writing is complete and ensure that you’ve accomplished all the necessary tasks. You also need to ensure that your paper has well-articulated all the points.

You also need to see the compliance of sentence structure, formatting and grammatical errors. As a researcher, you need to ensure that you’ve appropriately used transition phrases and words and there’s a connection between your ideas. You must also correct typo errors and redundant words and check the consistency in your piece of writing so that it can be free from the formatting and spelling mistakes.

You need to understand that steps for writing a research paper are incomplete without a proper reference list at the end. You need to make a reference list that can be either APA, Chicago, or Harvard format so that readers can view the source as well while reviewing your paper.

This is a step by step guide for new researchers that how to write a research paper. You might have more steps for writing a research paper, however, these are some basic steps that every new researcher should look into.

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