With the rising demand for research writings, researchers and writers around the globe are seen choosing the APA format. It’s true that many educational institutes and research journals accept submissions made in the APA format. However, if you are a newbie in the field of research writing, you must start working on understanding the format of APA-style writing. Talking about the APA writing style, as a writer, one should not miss out on the essential salient features of the format. Adding references in APA format is quite easy and uncomplicated, giving ease to the researcher while compiling the written work.

How to Write References in APA Format

Why are References Important in any Piece of Writing?  

Be it any piece of writing or research; it must be duly cited and recognized on national and international levels. Hence, as a writer, one should always stay committed to giving references to the sources one has used in developing the research. Be it any stats or material from previous research, it should be cited in proper APA format. Continue reading to find out how references in APA format are added to the text.

Use of APA Formatting  

Be it Empirical studies, Literature reviews, Theoretical articles, Methodological articles, or Case studies, APA formatting can be used everywhere. However, it depends on the writer how sharply he mold’s the reference in the text.

Here is a basic example of how you can write APA citations in your writing or research.

Basic Format

Last Name of the Author, First Initial of Authors Name (YY/MM/DD), Title of Article, Publisher’s Name/ Title of the Text/ Volume or Issue Number/ Selected Page Number or the entire writing.

With the basic format mentioned above, you, as a new researcher or writer, can get an idea about what APA formatting is and how it is used while citing references. However, if you are using the APA formatting to cite a Journal article, you can follow the sample mentioned below.

For Journal Article

Author Name (or Name of Author’s), Last Initial of the Author or Author’s, Year of Issue, Title or Topic, Name of Journal, Page or Page numbers.


Ramzan, M. (2021). Impact of Inflation and Unemployment on Economic Growth of Pakistan. European Journal of Business and Management Research6(4), 282-288.

As a researcher, one would come across hundreds of article references that are used as citations in various case studies and upcoming research by a seasoned researcher. However, if you want to learn more about references in APA format, you can go through various YouTube tutorials which offer various insights on how a writer can use APA formatting in various writings and research.

Final Word!

It’s imperative to understand the formatting and overall structure of APA formatting. If you are a researcher, you should be well aware of the rules of the APA writing style. However, if you are a newbie writer, you can take assistance from experienced research writers who know how to format multiple sources and references in a complete research package.

There are hundreds of examples available online about the usage of references in APA format. However, depending on the journal you are targeting or submitting your work to, you can select the formatting style you are following as a researcher.

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