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If you’re planning to perform a study through the qualitative research method, then it becomes very important for you to make good research questions qualitative.

The qualitative method states that there’re different realities and you’ve to research constructs. Normally, in qualitative research, you study the phenomenon in a natural setting and emphasize the view of participants. You can’t generalize the findings of qualitative research to the whole population. Therefore, you must make research questions for qualitative study effectively so that they answer a particular phenomenon.

Process of developing research questions qualitative 

The research questions qualitative are the most effective for those researchers who want to conduct their studies through interviews and focus groups. This helps them to understand what their target audience feels and thinks and why they make some particular choices.

Selecting a question to ask a person or focus group is the starting point for qualitative researchers. If the research questions qualitative are poorly constructed this might affect the findings of the study and will also waste the time and efforts of the researcher.

Now, let’s look at the steps of developing research questions for qualitative studies:

Make a good purpose statement

The purpose statement is important to set out the intent and core objectives of the qualitative research. The purpose statement must define a roadmap of the study. Normally, in the research questions for qualitative studies, the use of words like “discover”, “explore” and “understand” help the researcher to formulate effective research questions.

However, the qualitative method tends to change with the study because it’s a reflexive process. This approach is adapted with the words and actions of the participants. The research questions qualitative often use the terms like understanding, meaning, stories and experience.

In this way, if you’re a qualitative researcher then writing a purpose statement is very important for you in developing effective research questions.

Use of words in making qualitative research questions

While making qualitative research questions, you need to use the words through which you get more insights and perceptions of the respondents. You can use the words like:

Research Questions Examples

Some good research questions examples are shown below:

What are the causes of smoking?

Why smoking is injurious to health?

Identify the factors that lead to smoking?

These are some of the best research questions examples because they’re developed in such a way that the participants have to provide their understanding regarding the subject.

By following the above-discussed process, you’ll be able to develop good research questions qualitative  and this will help you to achieve the desired outcomes of the research.

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