Those days are passed when individuals used to visit technical institutes and educational centers for continuing education programs and other affiliations. With the growing demand for research, statistics, numbers, and figures, many online courses are available on the internet for free. Research online courses for free are offered by many leading companies around the globe, encouraging youngsters and determined professionals to take up the role of part-time researchers. As a researcher, one could invest in learning different methods of research in the modern era.

In today’s digital era, researching doesn’t require field exposure unless you are focused on achieving qualitative research analysis. With the aid of online tools and research courses, you, as an experienced researcher, can sit back and use AI-integrated tools and dashboards to complete your research and findings. Talking about the top 5 research online courses for free, you can start by exploring Coursera, Udemy, Google Digital Workshop, Harvard Online School, etc. From the moment you start learning online, you will sense a digital change in yourself, improving your research methods and pedagogies. Continue reading to find out about research online courses for free.

Top 5 Research Online Courses for Free

Recommended Research Online Courses for Free 

Social Work: Research Offered by the University of Michigan

As a researcher, if you love achieving high standards and fulfilling commitments timely, then you must consider getting yourself enrolled in the research course offered by the University of Michigan. The course will prepare you to use the necessary tools of the current era to extract data and research material from previous researchers. The self-paced course can be completed within 8 weeks, keeping your routine uninterrupted and steadfast.

Understanding Research Methods Offered by the University of London 

If you are a professional researcher or a beginner in the field, you must get yourself enrolled in the Understanding Research Methods Course offered by the University of London. After getting yourself enrolled in the 4 weeks short course, you will be able to learn and practice various research methods and strategies used in today’s world. If you already demonstrate considerable research skills, this course will help you polish your skills and grow holistically. Luckily, the registration process is open at the moment, and you can get yourself easily enroll in it. Along with this, you can explore many other online courses for free.

Studying Cities: Social Science Methods for Urban Research Offered by the University of Colorado Boulder 

Apart from your main field and area of research, you can always keep yourself involved in the learning process. From a researcher’s point of view, you need to keep excelling and learning about the ongoing social changes around. In the course, Studying Cities: Social Science Methods for Urban Research, you will learn about the ethics of working with people, people’s cultures, organizational development, and many other aspects related to managing humans as individual entities. Moreover, you will be taught about the core principles of ethical research. The 4 weeks short course is among the best picks for online courses for free offered by the University of Colorado Boulder.

Introduction to Research Ethics: Working with People Offered by University of Leeds 

If you aspire to be a top research professional, you will need to understand people and their distinct ideas. You are welcome to get yourself enroll in this free online course if you are a motivated student who wants to contribute in this highly dynamic world. In the course, you’ll study the fundamentals of ethical research management and how to conduct sensitive and acceptable human subject research.

Research Proposal: Initiating Research Offered by the University of California 

Initiating a research proposal is among the essential steps by which the researcher starts investing himself. With this interactive 4 weeks free course, you can learn about various tips and secrets for initiating interesting research. If you aren’t well versed in writing research proposals, you will struggle to make communication with your client and other professionals in the field.

Thanks to the internet, your online learning will keep adding skills and certifications to your online resume profile. As a competent researcher, you must keep upgrading your credentials in order to create a decent market reputation and credibility. Apart from these online courses for free, you can find thousands of courses related to data analytics and research.

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