Since the industrial revolution, many theories, experiments, and discoveries have been compiled and collected systematically. When you Google something, you enter ideal words or descriptions for which you are presented with relative results. Hence, it’s best to prepare simple, easy-to-understand, and comprehensive headings, giving a clear picture to the reader. When writing research, one should always focus on producing an error-free write-up with proper sentence structuring, formatting, and overall flow. Your research’s write-up should include the best research paper headings, giving the reader a decent impression.

International journals, online libraries, and research paper committees look for concrete research that is equipped with decent data and are completely error-free. From a publisher’s point of view, the research being published must contain all the essential headings associated with the research, giving the reader a comprehensive idea and context of the content, key demographics, stats, methodology, and much more. Continue reading to find out the essential headings, which should always be a part of a complete research paper.

What are the Best Research Paper Headings?


Important Headings You Should Include in your Research Paper 


Every research contains a solid introduction that magnifies the depth of research, giving the first-time reader a rough idea about what the research is about and what is its primary goal. Most researchers talk about the problem statement in their introduction, focusing on how the research can contribute to the betterment of society. Talking about research paper headings, your introduction should be so catchy that the reader takes a prompt interest in reading your entire piece of work. You can start your introduction with a sub-heading that emphasizes the materialistic context of your research. Using the head just as the “Introduction” itself doesn’t seem much professional these days. In your research paper’s index, your introduction section should be divided into 4-5 headings, describing your overall research background, key areas, and much more.


Every research is conducted through different methodologies, which must be discussed in the overall research report. Irrespective of your approach, your research should have multiple methodologies to back your theory or findings. It’s best to divide your headings into sub-headings, giving a clear picture of your research’s road map. When you come up with your appropriate methodology, you must spend time getting the idea or keywords in the heading without affecting the overall readability of the text. As a researcher, it’s important that you don’t compromise your research’s overall flow.

Results and Findings 

Every conclusive research focuses on providing sorted statistics and concrete solutions to the reader. While completing your research, you should try to bifurcate your results into different sections, highlighting different areas of work. You can integrate much more headings and subheadings to make your research look more presentable, concise, and conclusive. It’s best to keep your final results and findings under separate sections.

Discussions and Conclusion

When reading online research, many avid readers skim the main body and take an interest in reading the final part of the conclusion with immense concentration. Many students and researchers tend to finalize their findings after reading the final chunk of the research paper. Depending on your area of research, you can add up to ten headings that satisfy your research’s overall format, making the content more simplified.

Limitations in Research 

As a researcher, you will be well aware of the fact that every research has various limiting agents. You can’t cover every single aspect while doing comprehensive or in-depth research about anything. When general readers or students read the researched content, they don’t miss out on a chance to understand the limiting key factors. Hence, it’s important that you develop an interesting heading highlighting the limits of your research. Research paper headings can be blended and modified according to the level of skill of the researcher. It’s best to prepare multiple sections in your research highlighting different headings and their key sections.

Final Word! 

If you ask me, Literature review is among the essential research paper headings which need to be focused on by the researcher. Along with this, headings such as sources, results, conclusions, and introduction needs to be formatted according to the international standards of research journals. If you want your research to publish in top journals on the internet, you need to especially focus on headings as they are reviewed thoroughly by the committee before getting published.

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